Thursday, September 4, 2008

SplashCast - The Next Wave in Integrated Online Marketing

Everyone knows that banner ads are so yesterday. Whether interactive sales teams are ready to admit it or not, they just are not effective and usually annoy people more than anything. Banner or display ads are the TV commercials of the internet. You may pay attention to a few of the ├╝ber creative ones but the rest you just tune out.

So where should advertisers be spending their budgets? If you check out this graph below, you'll see where the interest, eyeballs and dollars are going:

How do you integrate your brand into those social networking and user generated content sites without hitting people over the head? Even better than that... how do you get your consumers to distribute your content for you and have it be totally natural?

I think SplashCast is one company that has cracked the online marketing nut and they have been doing it since December 2006. They make it possible for a brand to be a part of an online community in a totally organic way.

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If I had a brand that needed to reach a teen, young adult or web savvy market creating a SplashCast seems like a total no brainer.

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