Monday, September 8, 2008

My Project List

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the projects I have been involved in, they are my favorites. They are listed in order of most recent.


Client: Lexus
Project: Build a Web 2.0 site that aligns the Lexus brand with innovation.
Scope: Original video content with social networking functionality. Budget - 2 Million
Team Size: 10 (not including third party vendors)
My Responsibility: Project Manager – Supported Senior PM with all in house tasks (design, layouts and copy), worked with IA, managed page specs, managed asset delivery from third party vendors
Technical Requirements: The site was required to connect with Lexus’ Owner’s database to enable easier registration by Lexus Owners. It also needed to connect with current Lexus CMS for content updates.
Misc: For this project we worked with two third party vendors, one provided all the video content and the other the developing/programming.


Client: KP Fashion Company
Scope: Build the USA version of teen fashion designer Kira Plastinia that features her collections, press, videos, VIP/goodie section, 2 games and 2 widgets. Budget - $70,000 (The site I produced has since been removed. The one they have up now I did not work on.)
Team Size: 5 – myself, flash developer, php developer, and two designers
My Responsibility: I was the producer, project manager and copywriter. I managed the scope, calendars, budget and build. I also conceptualized and wrote the two games
Technical Requirements: This site had to build completely in flash as well as have a CMS. We also worked with a third party vendor that built the eCommerce section of the website. The user’s log-in credentials had to function seamlessly in the VIP section of the site as well as the eCom site.


While I was with Pappas Telecasting, we cranked out about one microsite a month as well managed 28 station site re-designs and full blown websites. Almost all of the sites we created or managed had a text messaging or mobile publishing feature incorporated. For all of these projects, I managed the calendars, the team as well as produced content. On occasion I interviewed celebrities and news subjects, shot and edited video and did my own post-production. Since there are too many sites to list, I have called out my two favorites below.

Client: Pappas Telecasting
Project: Community Correspondent
My favorite version:
Scope: Build a social networking website that encouraged the viewers of our news and entertainment stations across the country to contribute content. This content would then be incorporated into the nightly newscasts (if available) or onto the main station website.
Team Size: 3 – myself, backend developer and a designer
My Responsibility: I was the project manager. I managed the calendar and page specs. I also trained the producers of new media at each station. We produced about 10 of these sites for our various stations. Once the initial site was done, it was just a matter of cloning them for each station. The real work came in when I was tasked with training the producers at each station with content production (writing for the web and consistency), marketing and out-reach to support the site. For many of the people in those positions, it was their first job dealing with the web.
Technical Requirements: Create an intuitive user generated content website that also allowed for mobile publishing. The site incorporated videos (utilizing On2’s codec technology) photos, galleries and stories published by its users. We also had to incorporate an anonymous “whistleblower” feature as well as a section where the station reporters could give assignments to their community journalists. This site has a full CMS for the reporters to police and maintain their users and content.

Client: Pappas Telecasting
Projects: Fact File (my favorite:
Scope: The Fact File was created to be an empty “bucket” that stations could deploy at a moments notice for big stories that would go on for months or years at a time. This microsite was meant to be iFramed into the stations main website.
Team Size: 3 - myself, backend developer and a designer
My Responsibility: I was the project manager. I managed the calendar and page specs. For the Schuster case, I also edited and posted all the video content.
Technical Requirements: Create a microsite that could easily be cloned, updated and contain content from any type of long-term news story. The site needed to be a small enough dimension in order to be iFramed into the stations main website but large enough to contain all the information necessary for a large news story. This microsite also has a full CMS.


Client: Discovery Channel
Project: Interactive Television Component for Discovery Channel’s “Walking with Dinosaurs”
Scope: Create four hours of original synchronous content to compliment Discovery Channel’s show “Walking with Dinosaurs”. We employed a “two screen” approach to interactive television to this project, which was one of the first of its kind.
Team Size: 15
My Responsibility: I was the Associate Producer. I wrote all of the scripts, conceptualized and planned the games, as well as managed the design team.
Technical Requirements: Since this had not really been done before, we had to invent the medium as we went along. The content had to fun and engaging, enhance the show without being too distracting and was manually deployed as the show unfolded to the viewers. This was before broadband was prevalent, so everything had to be crunched down to the smallest size without loosing too much of the integrity.
Misc: My team was nominated for an Interactive Television Emmy Award the first year this award was offered by the Academy.

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